It’s official: No pot stores in Standish

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Standish Town Councilors Michael Delcourt, far left, and Peter Starostecki, far right, had a heated exchange for the second council meeting in a row while discussing retail marijuana. 

STANDISH — The Town Council has banned retail marijuana establishments and social clubs in Standish, but not without opposition and friction among the group. 

The council voted 5-2 on Tuesday, Jan. 9, to approve an ordinance banning all retail marijuana activity in the town.

“We don’t need dope peddlers in Standish,” said Councilor Michael Delcourt.

Council Chairwoman Kimberly Pomerlea said she struggled with her decision to support the prohibition of retail marijuana in town, particularly because of possible economic development opportunities. 

“I really don’t care what you people do: you can grow it, you can smoke it, I don’t care. You can use it medically, I have no opinion on that at all,” Pomerleau said. “I just don’t think we’re ready for (retail marijuana), I really don’t.” 

The two dissenting votes came from Councilor Isabel Higgins, who chairs the council’s ordinance subcommittee, and Councilor Peter Starostecki. 

“Meetings like tonight are the reason that I ran for the council, because I was in the audience, and the majority of the people in the audience wanted things done one way and the council voted the other,” Higgins said. “And it aggravated the heck out of me. So here I am. Now I’m aggravated on this side of the table.” 

Nearly all of the members of the public who spoke Tuesday night were opposed

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