‘It’s about just letting people be free’: Pot legalization advocates push for …

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LEWISTON, Maine — Advocates hoping to make legal the possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana for recreational use have launched an effort to collect enough voter signatures to put the issue on a Lewiston municipal ballot in November.

“The petition process will spark a public dialogue about marijuana and the need for more sensible marijuana laws,” said David Boyer, Maine political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Lewiston supporters include a Republican candidate for the Legislature as well as a former city councilor and state representative, Stavros Mendros, who also is an active member of the GOP.

“To me, this is a simple issue of freedom,” Mendros said. “I’m not a big fan of marijuana. I think smoking, it is a bad idea personally, with all due respect. I think it’s dumb, bad for your health. But then again, so is being fat, and nobody’s thrown me in jail for that.”

Mendros said to him it was about the idea of allowing adults to make their own choices about a using a substance that many argue is less addictive and dangerous than alcohol.

“It’s not about selling drugs. It’s not a gateway. I bought a Gateway computer, and there was no pot in it,” Mendros said. “I don’t buy any of those arguments. It’s about just letting people be free.”

He said public resources spent on enforcing and prosecuting marijuana crimes would be better spent on reducing violent crime and property crime.

“We have bigger fish to fry,” Boyer said.

He and Mendros also said legalized

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