Investigation Finds Maine Marijuana Dispensary Used Pesticides and Violated …

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Investigation Finds Maine Marijuana Dispensary Used Pesticides and Violated Several Medical Marijuana Rules

One of Maine’s operators of a medical marijuana dispensary is being tightly monitored now after a regulatory board found the dispensary violated several state rules, including the use of pesticides in its growing operation.

Wellness Connection of Maine, which operates four of Maine’s eight state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries, was subjected to an investigation by the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services (DLRS). It was later found to have violated more than 20 state rules governing medical marijuana, such as the use of pesticides in the growing of medical marijuana, lack of proper security, and the production and sale of an illegal form of marijuana.

DLRS Director Kenneth Albert told The Daily Chronicle that the investigation of the Wellness Connection began at the Auburn grow site, but was extended to all of the company’s facilities. He said DLRS identified nine pesticides on the marijuana used in tinctures, baker’s mix and all strains dispensed by the Wellness Connection.

“The use of pesticides on medical marijuana is not allowed by state law, as the harmful effect of pesticides when ignited and inhaled is not imminently known,” Albert explained.

Additionally, Wellness Connection was selling keif — resin crystals of cannabis, which may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose dry cannabis buds — which

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