Intuit, maker of Quicken, revokes services for medical marijuana clinic

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Intuit, the financial software giant behind Quicken and Quickbooks, has revoked the merchant services account of Alternative Medical Choices Inc. (AMC), a medical clinic that offers consultations with doctors for the approval of medicinal cannabis use under Oregon law, claiming that service is an “unacceptable business practice”.

Iva Cunningham, owner of AMC, says her company had been approved for use of Intuit’s Merchant Services.  The service allows the clinic to bill for services by credit or debit card.  The clinic had successfully billed for a number of appointments until today, when Intuit informed Mrs. Cunningham they were terminating the account because AMC is “involved with medical marijuana”.

Mrs. Cunningham explained, “I told Intuit the only ‘involvement with medical marijuana’ by our clinic is in reviewing patient records to qualify for medical cannabis use under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.  We don’t dispense medical cannabis and we never have medical cannabis on the premises.  We’re not only following Oregon’s state laws regarding medical marijuana, we’re not breaking any federal laws,” referring to the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Conant v. Walters that upheld a physician’s right to recommend medical cannabis use to a patient.

Intuit responded that the decision to drop AMC was due to “unacceptable businesses practices”.  Intuit’s rep said that Mrs. Cunningham had not mentioned medical marijuana in her application for services.  Mrs. Cunningham said there was nothing in Intuit’s application requiring that disclosure and that her service is a “medical consultation” and just one of many medical and educational services the clinic

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