Interest in Use of Medical Marijuana Growing in Maine

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Tim Smale and his wife Jenna looked at 35 locations before settling on a building in an Auburn shopping center to set up their non-profit medical marijuana dispensary, known as Remedy Compassion. They plan to include an on-site kitchen to make medical marijuana tinctures and edible as well as topical cannabis cream to treat arthritis and muscle spasms.

They are keeping secret the location of their medical marijuana cultivation site, but say they plan to offer high quality strains to treat a variety of ailments. They’ve already received a green light from the state and plan to open in the next 30 days.

Smale says the goal is to keep prices as low as possible. “I can’t come out the door and offer $99 ounces,” he says. “We wouldn’t be here. But I can offer what the market price is. So, for example our price to our patients is $336 dollars. And I think the market price is up in the neighborhood of $400 or $350–or something like that.”

The market price means the black market which many patients are already familiar with. Smale says he’ll offer five percent discounts to veterans and patients on MaineCare and Social Security. He’ll start out with a small staff. Right now there are just four employees, including his wife and himself, and fewer than 100 patients.

But Smale says he’s anxious to get medicine to patients who need it. He

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