How hard is it to get a medical marijuana card in Virginia?

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So, how hard is it to get a medical marijuana card in Virginia? 

Actually, it’s not a card.

You could call it an affirmative defense certificate. That’s the official language. 

“Officer, just give me a moment while I reach into my glove compartment and take out my affirmative defense certificate.”

But the official language doesn’t lend itself to a description you can wrap your mind around, and when it comes to Virginia’s medical cannabis program, there’s a lot of confusing terminology. 

A patient registration certificate from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy is a more accurate description of what folks call medical marijuana cards. While it’s a mouthful, it describes exactly what you, the patient, has to do to in order to get the medical marijuana card that isn’t a card.

And it doesn’t look like a card either. Some states do issue standard identification cards that look like a driver’s license, but not Virginia. In Virginia, the certificate looks more like a voter registration notice or tax form. 

On the back side, it has the security printed state seal of Virginia. 

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