How are police adapting to Ohios medical marijuana?

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With sales of medical cannabis underway, here’s what should you know about the law.

With sales of medical cannabis underway, law enforcement agencies across Ohio must adapt to a new legal landscape.

It’s a matter of increased training for some and ongoing deliberation for others, such as a sheriff’s office responsible for a county jail and concealed carry permits.

“Because it’s marijuana, I think it’s got a heightened attention from everybody, but it’s no different than any other new law that we deal with,” said Stark County Sheriff George Maier.

“We will take our time, and we will make sure that we research this thoroughly before we start making any arrests or issuing any citations.”

In the first two and a half weeks since sales began, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program reported 68.22 pounds of plant material sold for a total of $502,961.

How can those patients avoid legal woes?

Lt. Robert Sellers, of the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Columbus, said enforcing medical cannabis rules are “fairly simple.”

“If patients and caregivers are following the law they will not be subject to arrest or prosecution,” he wrote in an email.

That involves:

Having a state patient or caregiver card readily available
Purchasing product from state-approved dispensaries
Possessing no more than a 90-day supply
Keeping products in original containers
Using approved methods of consumption, which excludes smoking
Refraining from operating a vehicle, aircraft or watercraft while impaired

However, criminal defense attorney Ian Friedman said it’s not quite that simple.

He expects legal cases to eventually resolve issues unaddressed by

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