Hope makes nips and tucks to budget, says no to fire chief’s stipend increase

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 HOPE — Of the 1,550 Hope citizens, approximately 70 turned out for annual Town Meeting, June 17, and as Hope tends to do, they kept a firm lid on spending. With minor debate, they trimmed almost $9,000 from a $763,056 municipal budget, which included saying no to increasing compensation to their fire chief. They also discovered they had another $1,000 of revenue in their cemetery account, and amiably agreed to use it for reducing property tax assessments.

Moderator Tom Ford welcomed townspeople to the Hope Elementary School gymnasium at 7 p.m., where they took seats in the bleachers or in folding chairs, facing a table presided over by their selectmen and town administrator. Hope Library volunteers Beth Guisley and Jean Etlinger set up a table of refreshments, and as business got under way, citizens sat down, brownies and cookies in hand.

They voted unanimously to let two nonresidents speak at town meeting, their Town Administrator Jon Duke, who lives in Rockport, and Kevin McGinnis, president of North East Mobile Health Services, the Scarborough-based emergency medical service with which the four towns of Camden, Hope, Lincolnville and Rockport have now officially endorsed pursuing a two-year contract.

Tax Collector Rosanna Bowman delivered results of from the first part of the two-day annual town meeting process that was held June 11 at a polling station (see attached PDF for complete results). There, Hope elected two new selectmen, James Annis and Christopher Pinchbek, who are replacing Tim Pearse and Eric Campbell, whose terms were up and did

Article source: http://www.penbaypilot.com/article/hope-makes-nips-and-tucks-budget-says-no-fire-chiefs-stipend-increase/16119