Homegrown Maine trade show attracts 4000 visitors

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Homegrown Maine trade show attracts 4,000 visitors

The recently held third annual Homegrown Maine trade show attracted as many as 75 vendors and more than 4,000 visitors who were curious to learn more about the controversial medical marijuana industry.

The one-day trade show, held at the Spectacular Event Center on Griffin Road in Bangor last Saturday, attracted patients, caregivers, physicians as well as professional marijuana growers.

Sponsored by Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, the show provided information about a range of subjects, including grow room construction, security systems, organic cultivation, business formation and taxes.

Paul McCarrier, who helped organize the trade show, “This is the best turnout we’ve had in three years. We had 500 people come through the doors in the first hour and a half. People are really interested in seeing what we can do for them and they are looking at future employment.”

Paul McCarrier, a Legislative Advocate for Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, said that one could not deny the fact that marijuana has become an accepted part of society.

Medical marijuana is legal in Maine, but doctors are not allowed to recommend its use to patients.

Article source: http://newsmaine.net/19089-homegrown-maine-trade-show-attracts-4000-visitors