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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)– Medical marijuana is a fast growing business in the state of Maine. The third annual Homegrown Maine trade show was held today in Bangor. The event, sponsored by Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, was geared toward providing education about the controversial subject.

“I think that we can honestly say that marijuana has gone mainstream at this point and that we see what is happening in all sorts of news casts and in the papers across the country that marijuana is an accepted part of society, and now we can finally come out of the closet and be open about who we are,” said Paul McCarrier, a Legislative Advocate for Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine.

Homegrown Maine was an event held Saturday. It organized to educate the public about medical marijuana. More than 75 vendors, patients, professional growers, and even those who were just curious came to the trade show to learn more about the industry.

“New vendors, the latest technology in growing, h-vac, cutting edge grow rooms, everything along that line,” McCarrier said about the event.

Although medical marijuana is legal in Maine, doctors can not recommend its use to patients.

But McCarrier said they should be able to, because he says marijuana is a natural alternative to prescription drugs.

“It’s non-habit forming, it’s non-addictive, there are no overdoses, there are no deaths, there are no

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