Hampden woman arrested on probation violation

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A Hampden woman was arrested on a probation violation after a concerned relative called police fearing for her safety and well-being, according to Officer Ben Eyles.

After visiting the residence of Jennifer Seekings, 35, on Main Road North in Hampden, the relative told police that Seekings was clearly under the influence of both her prescription medication and alcohol, said Eyles.

The relative asked police  to perform a “well-being” check after she removed two of Seekings’ children from the residence. According to Eyles, the relative told police Seekings was on probation for drug violations.

When Officer Mark Egan went to Seekings’ residence and knocked on the door, he reportedly received no response. Eyles said Egan “ultimately opened the door” to see whether Seekings was OK and found her to be mostly unresponsive.

“By her own account she had overdosed on pills,” Eyles said.

Police also confirmed that Seekings’ pills had in fact been abused as the number left in the bottle did not equate with the amount and date listed on the label.

“Her pill count was short. She had been taking more than she needed to” said Eyles.

After confirming that Seekings was under the influence and did not require medical attention, Egan called her probation officer, who authorized an arrest.  Seekings was taken to Penobscot County Jail on a probation violation. (Jamison Cocklin, BDN)


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