Group unveils details of its marijuana legalization plan for Maine

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A group that wants to make it legal to possess marijuana in Maine has unveiled details of a proposal that also would allow adults to grow pot in their homes, protect much of the marijuana retail market for small farmers and permit marijuana social clubs that it says could provide a boost to the state’s tourism industry.

Legalize Maine, a newly formed political action committee, is calling its plan “a home-grown effort” to legalize marijuana in Maine. The group’s organizer, Paul McCarrier, said Wednesday that its proposal can help revive the state’s rural economy.

“We’re doing this for Maine people and to focus on rural farming,” McCarrier said. “Our goal is a rural economic revival. Rural Maine is dying and we need to stop that. Marijuana is not the golden ticket, but it’s part of the solution.”

The effort is separate from another push to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, and it could lead to two separate legalization proposals on the statewide ballot in 2016.

The Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project also plans to gather signatures to get legalization on the ballot in two years. That group led a successful push to pass a legalization ordinance in South Portland on Nov. 4, but lost a similar vote in Lewiston the same day.

The Marijuana Policy Project has not released details of its statewide proposal. However, its local legalization proposals include allowing adults 21 and older to possess small amounts of the drug, but do not include rules for growing or selling or allow use

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