Group responsible for 4 Maine marijuana dispensaries sued by backers

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California-based Berkeley Patients Group, which provided financial backing and business support for developing four of Maine’s eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, has filed a lawsuit against former director of the Maine program, Rebecca DeKeuster, and the Northeast Patients Group organization she headed up.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Cumberland County Superior Court, charges DeKeuster with breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty and seeks $632,000 in lost investment.

According to the court filing, DeKuester resigned from her position with Berkeley Patients Group in February shortly before entering into an agreement with another backer.

DeKeuster did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Cathy Cobb, director of the division of licensing and regulatory services within the Maine Department of Health and Human services, said Wednesday that DeKeuster and Northeast Patients Group are now refining a business agreement with financial backer Cuttino Mobley of Rhode Island, a former professional basketball player. Mobley, who also is associated with Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program, attended Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield as a postgraduate student in 1992-1993.

Cobb said she does not expect the lawsuit to disrupt the opening of Northeast Patient Group’s for licensed marijuana dispensaries in Portland, Thomaston, Kennebec County and the Bangor area. Northeast Patients Group recently started growing marijuana in Thomaston for sale at its dispensaries; Cobb said that crop likely will be ready to market by early September.

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  1. ASA Maine says:

    rhode island or California dont matter its not Maine!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s really funny, but not for the patients, that Rebecca DeKeuster, and the Northeast Patients Group couldn’t be trusted to honor any agreement made.  All of the Maine players that tried to get Dispensaries knew that right from the beginning.  It’s unfortunate that the State of Maine sold out to the out of state interest right off the bat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t strange to any of the original players here in Maine that competed against  Rebecca DeKeuster, and the Northeast Patients Group for the rights to operate a Dispensary that they couldn’t be trusted to honor any agreement they made.  The State of Maine should have never have given half the State’s Dispensary to folks that are obviously incompetent to grow or manage medical marijuana or a patient orientated business or even live up to the agreements they made..

  4. What is Pathetic is:”Where Was Maine” when This “Already in the Arrears” FRANCHISE showed up??? When BPG/NEPG arrived in Maine.., In state tax documents,(California) Berkeley Patients Group reported selling more
    than $51 million worth of medical marijuana between “July 2004 and June
    2007”. The dispensary claimed it did not need to pay sales tax on any of
    that pot under state law exempting prescribed medicines