Group outlines pot legalization growing pains for Kittery

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KITTERY, Maine – According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, or SAMHSA, 22.2 million Americans from ages 12 and older use marijuana recreationally, as of 2014.

With legalization now in effect in Maine and retail stores that will sell marijuana for recreational use slated to open as early as February 2018, Kittery’s Marijuana Working Group invited a representative of the National Marijuana Initiative (NMI) to address residents and town administrators Wednesday night at Traip Academy about some of the growing pains Colorado went through when they became the first state to legalize the drug in 2012.

“In November of 2016 the state of Maine legalized adult-use marijuana, with that legalization there’s a whole lot of responsibilities and opportunities for communities around the state of Maine,” said Town Manager Kendra Amaral, who serves on the town’s working group. “We understood as soon as the legalization was certified that we have a lot to learn. We have a lot to understand about what this meant for us as a community and how to go forward with these laws.”

Dale Quigley, deputy coordinator of the NMI, led the presentation and laid out some of the difficulties Colorado faced on the road to full marijuana legalization through the three “eras,” which were limited medical availability in 2000, to commercial medical availability in 2009 to full legalization in 2012, and what the state is still dealing with today.

Quigley said the state has been confronted

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