Green-Love celebration works to educate public, use of medical marijuana

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LEBANON, Maine — The Southern Maine First Annual Green-Love Celebration began on Friday with some 70 people in attendance. Teri Poirer and others, people she referred to as “the committee”, began planning the event five weeks ago. Teri is the spokeswoman, the host and the principle person in charge of the event. She wears her green t-shirt covered in black, block lettering proudly and is determined to ensure the success of the event and to maintain the spirit in which the event was intended.

“I expect every person here respects what’s going on. They understand this is not the place for illegal drinking, excessive drinking or illegal drugs. That’s what it is not about. It is about showing society that we are a bunch of nice people who want their legal, natural medications.” The event is intended to illuminate and educate people on the subject of medical marijuana and to create an atmosphere of open dialogue regarding the controversial subject. Teri hopes people on all sides of the debate attend.

The presence of marijuana at the Green-Love Celebration was in the air and in the hands of festival goers. According to Teri, people utilizing marijuana must possess a medical marijuana certificate. Medical marijuana was made legal in Maine in 1999, according to However, it was not until October of 2009 when the Obama administration stated that it would no longer prosecute marijuana users and caregivers if their activities met the legislative requirements of individual states. Maine is the fifth state

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