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Marijuana-themed businesses sprouting around the

After years of hiding in the shadows, medical marijuana is
suddenly stepping out into plain view in the mid-valley — and
prescription pot advocates say there’s no turning back now.

“Here we are,” proclaimed Sheri Levit, executive director of the
Linn-Benton Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Patient Resource
Center, which opened its doors this week on the outskirts of
Albany. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Modeled after Portland’s Cannabis Cafe, the Patient Resource
Center is a kind of social club for Oregon Medical Marijuana
Program cardholders, who can buy snacks and soft drinks, relax in
the game room or belly up to the “vapor bar” for a lungful of
vaporized marijuana fumes.

Housed in a nondescript industrial building at 30943 Ehlen Road,
near the intersection of Oakville Road and Highway 34, the
nonprofit enterprise introduced itself to the community with an
open house and barbecue that began at 4:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The
time and the date — 4/20 — are both winking allusions to stoner
slang for smoking dope.

Despite the lighthearted atmosphere, Levit and her partner,
Kathy Srp, insist that marijuana is serious medicine. Levit, a
registered patient, uses cannabis to ease the symptoms of
rheumatoid arthritis, migraines and degenerative disk disease in
her back. Srp, a licensed caregiver, grows the weed for her
husband, who also has degenerative disk disease.

Card-holding patients will be able to bring their own marijuana
to the Patient Resource Center to “self-medicate,” or they can
partake of donated pot. Cash contributions are encouraged, but

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