Gray needs medical marijuana facility

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Gray needs medical marijuana facility

By Glenn Peterson

To the Editor:

I wish to explain our intentions concerning medical marijuana and the Town of Gray. Our non-profit, Canuvo, Inc., was selected to dispense medical marijuana in Health District One, which is York County. We are opening our retail dispensary in Biddeford this winter to serve registered patients with doctor recommendations. As per the state regulations we must dispense out of York County but can cultivate anywhere in the state that has appropriate zoning. Dispensaries must grow 100 percent of the medicine dispensed.

The issue at hand on at the council’s meeting on Tuesday, Feb.15 is whether Gray needs a six month moratorium to study how to zone for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. I do not think so. Communities break down the zoning issues for medical marijuana into two categories. One, a dispensary where ”retail and growing’ can take place and two, a ”grow only’ facility associated with a licensed dispensary. Retail dispensary zoning does need zoning considerations but Gray will not be the location for a retail dispensary for Cumberland County. The Cumberland dispensary will be located in Portland. DHHS allows only one dispensary per Health District. Canuvo is only asking to be allowed to ”grow only’ in a building that has been for sale for years.

We have identified an unoccupied commercial building in Gray, zoned for general agriculture and light manufacturing that would make an efficient and secure indoor cultivation facility. The impact on Gray and the neighborhood will be

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