Gray may grow green

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Gray may grow green
Council compromises on medical marijuana

By Rachel Kurzius

On Tuesday night, the Gray Town Council listened to a public hearing about the proposed medical marijuana moratorium that included both strong advocates and opponents of the measure. Ultimately, the council voted in favor of a shortened, 90-day moratorium and set the date for a second public hearing on the matter for March 1.

Gray is not a proposed site for a medical marijuana dispensary, a place the drug would be sold to prescribed patients. The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act specifies that each district can have only one dispensary.

The dispensary for Cumberland County will be located in Portland, which provides the most accessibility to patients. However, people interested in using Gray property for the purposes of cultivation, either as caregivers or for dispensaries, have approached the town.

Public participation

Glenn Peterson, the CEO of non-profit Canuvo, whose mission is to ”dispense medical grade marijuana for certified patients who choose an alternative or to supplement their current medications,” is hoping to use a location in Gray to grow marijuana for a dispensary in Biddeford. He spoke to the benefits of medical marijuana and the lack of negative impacts on Gray.

”There will be no signage or patients coming to the location. We also hope to hire six or more employees from Gray,” Peterson said. He also clarified he would not be seeking non-profit tax exemption on the property.

”I believe that we’ll create jobs for the town

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