Goodrich murder trial almost in jury’s hands

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BANGOR, Maine — Closing arguments in the murder trial of Perley Goodrich Jr. on Tuesday morning followed the same path much of the week-long trial’s testimony.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson argued that there is irrefutable proof that Goodrich Jr. murdered his father, Perley Goodrich Sr., and severely assaulted his mother, Sandra Goodrich, in their Newport home on October 26, 2009. Benson said the defendant must have been making conscious decisions that Benson repeatedly called “goal-oriented conduct” when he loaded and brandished a pistol, cocked it as is necessary with that model of revolver, pointed it at his father and fired.

“It was his conscious object to cause his father’s death,” Benson said during his closing argument. “The state is not required to disprove that Mr. Goodrich is mentally ill. That is not the issue. That is a sideshow by and large.”

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Silverstein attempted to rebut that notion with a detailed breakdown of Goodrich Jr.’s history of mental illness, which consists of numerous diagnoses. Silverstein focused on the time between May 2005 and October 2009, when Goodrich Jr.’s mental faculties deteriorated considerably, according to testimony by several witnesses.

Silverstein argued that his client knew the medicine that worked for him was Klonopin, which a doctor stopped prescribing in 2008 after Goodrich Jr. tested positive for marijuana use. On the day of the alleged murder, Goodrich Jr. walked out of an exam by a psychiatrist at Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center after he thought she was unwilling to renew his Klonopin prescription. He

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