Goodrich guilty of manslaughter, not murder, in shooting death of father

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BANGOR, Maine — Perley Goodrich Jr. was found guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday but escaped a murder conviction in the shooting death of his father. Goodrich also was found guilty of aggravated assault in the beating of this mother.

The jury, which consisted of eight women and four men, returned the verdict at 4:37 p.m. The same jurors are scheduled to return to the courtroom on Wednesday for the second phase of the trial, when they will decide whether Goodrich Jr. should be held not criminally responsible by reason of insanity. Their decision will mean the difference between a prison sentence and committal to the state’s mental hospital in Augusta.

Members of Goodrich Jr.’s family, including Sandra Goodrich, his mother, and Nancy Watson, his sister, who were in the courtroom Tuesday showed little if any visible reaction to the verdict. Sandra Goodrich declined requests for comment from reporters, stating that she prefers to wait until the second phase of the trial is complete.

“I’ll have something to say then,” she said.

Goodrich Jr., who has sat stone-faced and staring mostly at the defense table in front of him for the duration of the weeklong trial, sat silent and morose through the reading of the verdict, as well.

“I think Perley was a little confused about [the verdict],” defense attorney Jeffrey Silverstein said  after the verdict. “Maybe overnight he’ll realize he’s in a much better position now than he certainly was” before.

Manslaughter can bring a sentence of between zero and 30 years in

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