Glass pipe blowers excited about Portland vote

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PORTLAND (WGME) — Marijuana advocates claim legalizing it could bring financial benefits to the city of Portland. One industry in particular has high hopes.

Justin Barr turns glass rods into one of a kind marbles, jewelry, and mostly, pipes.

“And every once in awhile I’ve got to throw it in this big bushy flame to heat it up,” said Barr.

Nearly all of his products end up on the shelves at stores from Boston to Bangor.

The pipes, said Barr, are his bread and butter

“They pay the bills,” Barr said.

Barr said people use them to smoke tobacco and herbal blends, and when Maine approved medical marijuana dispensaries in 2009, the impact on business was a positive one.

“Definitely affected it,” said Barr. “At the same time, people are gonna do it if they’re gonna do it.”

If voters say yes to question one in Portland on Tuesday, they’ll be able to possess up to 2.5 oz. of pot.

“I sell my stuff everywhere, so Portland legalizing wouldn’t add too much to my bottom line, but maybe be able to sell more of my work in town and that’s cool,” said Barr.Glass pipe blowers excited about Portland vote

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