Forum stay positive on issue of marijuana, whether medical or not

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Posted: April 5
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Forum stay positive on issue of marijuana, whether medical or not

By David Robinson
Staff Writer, Morning Sentinel

FARMINGTON — About 50 people attended a forum on the legality of marijuana Monday at the University of Maine at Farmington.

The six panelists from the Maine House, law enforcement agencies and a drug legalization advocacy group touched on everything from medical marijuana laws to state’s rights.

Eric Friberg, who described himself as a medical marijuana advocate from South Portland, said he was surprised by the views of the panelists.

“It’s the first one-sided panel I’ve seen in favor of cannabis, usually it’s the opposite,” said Friburg, 40.

While the panelists disagreed on some issues, they all showed support for Maine’s current medical marijuana law. Several called for further de-criminalizing the drug so it can be regulated and taxed.

Rep. Lance Harvell, R-Farmington, said he supported recent bills to de-criminalize marijuana that have failed to get out of the committee in the Legislature.

He said he organized Monday night’s forum in Farmington because he believes something needed to change in the way Maine is fighting the war on drugs.

“The war is over, the question is, ‘how do we surrender without making it worse than it is,'” Harvell said.

Harvell admitted he tried

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