Fertile ground

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“Our Maine Legislature has been hijacked by pro-dope enthusiasts,” an impassioned commenter wrote on the As Maine Goes online forum earlier this month, “the 126th Maine Legislature has been transformed, unannounced, into the Maine Marijuana Legislature.”

Is it true? Have our esteemed elected officials been turned into weed-bots? Let’s take a look.

To be sure, Maine’s medical marijuana activists celebrated several victories over the last couple of legislative sessions, and they’re (mostly) looking forward to local and statewide legalization campaigns coming over the next two years.

Earlier this month, Governor Paul LePage signed into law a substantive change to Maine’s medical marijuana law: Certified nurse practitioners are now considered “medical providers” able to recommend marijuana for medical use. Advocates say this will increase access and affordability.

That bill, created at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services to clarify certain aspects of the state’s medi-mari program,initially contained bans on kief (THC crystals from the cannabis plant), hash, and resins; the original language also would have allowed the DHHS to contract with the Drug Enforcement Agency to inspect caregivers and dispensaries, according to Hillary Lister of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (MMCM).

After a group of moms showed up at the State House to argue against outlawing kief, the final bill struck all references to that substance as well as hash (though advocates expect these issues will return next session). As for the inspection issue, the bill ordered the DHHS to develop a framework for processing and

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