Feds move in, Indian Township governor feels the heat

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Time was running out for Indian Township Gov. Bobby Newell.

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With Deer Island in New Brunswick on the horizon, the ocean waters of Passamaquoddy Bay lap against the shore at Pleasant Point. At Indian Township, Gov. Bobby Newell says he “got caught in the political crossfire by ambitious people” who wanted his job.

Former tribal Chief Robert Newell stands in the doorway of the seasonal camp he now calls home at Indian Township. Newell spend nearly four years in a Pennsylvania prison after being convicted late in 2008 on 29 counts that included conspiring to defraud the United States, misapplication of federal funds, fraud and lying to federal agencies.

As his re-election bid approached in the summer of 2006, federal investigators representing four agencies descended on the reservation, inspecting documents dating back to 2002 and asking questions about how the governor had been spending federal funds. The investigation, which had been going on for a year, would land Newell in prison.

“My primary goal on the reservation was addressing and helping people who were poor so that they could have something and deal with substance abuse, and every spare dollar I could get I funneled into that,” Newell says. “I got caught in the political crossfire by ambitious people who wanted to be leaders on the reservation and knew that even if I lost an election … I would be elected governor again.”

“They wanted to get rid of me,” he adds.

Article source: http://www.pressherald.com/2014/07/21/feds-move-in-indian-township-governor-feels-the-heat/