Farmingdale officials propose flat municipal budget

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While Farmingdale town officials worked to keep spending flat for the upcoming year, the property tax rate is expected to rise.

James Grant Jr., chairman of the Farmingdale Board of Selectman, said town officials have tried to hold the line on spending in the face of expected increases of about $250,000 that are outside the town’s control.

The property tax rate in Farmingdale is currently $16.05 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. Officials expect that to go up, but it’s not yet clear by how much.

The assessment that town residents pay for their share of the Regional School Unit 2 budget is expected to go up by $178,000 to $2,664,657. The cost of ambulance service, provided by Gardiner Ambulance, is increasing by $31,000 to $52,000. And the assessment from Kennebec County government is expected to increase moderately, to $221,055.

The big unknown that will be decided at Town Meeting Grant said is whether Farmingdale residents agree to fund $10,305 needed to join the Gardiner Public Library.

Earlier this year, a group of residents organized a petition to put the measure on the Town Meeting warrant, after selectmen opted for a second year not to include it, offering instead to reimburse the cost for residents to buy library cards at either the Hubbard Free Library in Hallowell or the Lithgow Public Library in Augusta and earmarked $6,000 in the budget for that.

If voters choose the Gardiner Public Library, the town will no longer offer reimbursements for the other cards.

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