Ellsworth police return stolen pot to medical marijuana caregiver

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A marijuana plant at the home of Thomas Davis, a licensed medical marijuana caregiver in Ellsworth.

ELLSWORTH, Maine — A medical marijuana grower in northern Ellsworth was happy to have his stolen plants returned Saturday, despite the fact he’ll only be able to salvage about 15 percent of the crop.

Thomas Davis, a state-licensed marijuana caregiver, was burglarized Wednesday night, when police say Aaron Pert, 32, of Trenton, broke into Davis’ greenhouses and stole 17 marijuana plants worth an estimated $12,800.

Pert allegedly cut two large openings in Davis’ greenhouse, and apparently used clippers to remove mature, flowering branches from the large plants. He also allegedly cut a smaller hole in the side of the greenhouse that faces Davis’ home, which the caregiver said was likely a “lookout” peephole.

Pert had been charged early Thursday morning with possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle and possession of marijuana. After Davis reported the burglary, police questioned Pert, who admitted to stealing the plants, according to Lt. Harold Page.

Page said Pert told police where he stashed the pilfered pot. Police found the marijuana in the woods in northern Ellsworth and held onto it for two days. Police didn’t return the plants right away because the department was worried it may violate federal law in returning the medical marijuana,

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