Eliot Select Board ends negotiations for solar array

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ELIOT, Maine — Negotiations with Barrington Power to build a 132,200-watt passive solar installation on the town’s transfer station landfill have ended, but another builder is in the wings.

The town approved building the array in June. The proposal was for the project to be constructed under a power purchase agreement with Barrington Power. There would be no initial cost to the town, and during the first five years of operation, the town would buy power through Barrington Power at a discount from Central Maine Power rates. The town could buy the array at fair market value after that.

At the last Select Board meeting July 27, the board refrained from signing a contract with Barrington Power. Chairwoman Rebecca Davis was concerned if CMP rates dropped below the floor rate established by Barrington Power, “then we could be upside down.” The town and Barrington Power could not come to an agreement on the rates and the town has begun discussions with ReVision Energy of Brentwood to build the array.

There is urgency to building the array. The Maine Public Utilities Commission allows “net metering” where owners of solar arrays receive credit for 100 percent of the retail value of electricity they feed into the power grid.  But the PUC wants changes made; solar arrays placed on line this year get the 100 percent return for 15 years. For arrays placed on line in 2018, the return would be 90 percent and would be reduced by 10

Article source: http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20170811/eliot-select-board-ends-negotiations-for-solar-array