Egyptian student at UMaine marvels at revolution

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ORONO, Maine — Sherief Farouk had a strong personal interest in keeping up on the latest news out of Egypt during the latest upheaval, demonstrations and revolution.

Half Egyptian and a graduate of the Arabian Academy of Science and Technology in Cairo, the 24-year-old University of Maine graduate student also happened to be very close to the situation — literally and figuratively.

His parents’ house, he said, sits right across from the presidential palace in Cairo, putting his family at ground zero for the revolution that reverberated around the world.

Farouk, a graduate student in the UMaine computer science department, narrated his own public PowerPoint presentation about the revolution using his smart phone on Monday — ironic and particularly appropriate considering the integral role cell phone and Internet technology played in the Egyptian civil uprising that resulted in the departure of longtime President Hosni Mubarak, his Cabinet, and the dissolution of the country’s parliament.

About 20 people turned out at UMaine’s Donald P. Corbett Building to see the 45-minute presentation, which started out by chronicling the order of succession of the country’s leaders, from King Farouk to Mubarak, as well as the historical and political issues that accompanied each leader, their rule and rise to power.

Farouk did not allow pictures of himself to be taken for undisclosed reasons.

The presentation was informative, educational and even amusing as Farouk mixed in political satire and humor, while also marveling at how information technology and social networking had such a definitive effect on the upheaval, which he

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