Dwight Holton, Marijuana Foe or Activist for Big Pharma? – Salem

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Jun-12-2011 03:25

Opinion by Tim King Salem-News.com

Don’t U.S. attorneys have real things to do with their time? And where did Holton’s orders to go after Oregon medical cannabis patients really evolve from?

(SALEM, Ore.) – The top federal attorney in Oregon, Dwight Holton, has written an extensive article carried in the Oregonian complaining at length about Oregon’s medical marijuana laws. It relates to the dispensary letter signed by all but one of Oregon’s 36 district attorneys, that so many were talking about last week[1].

Holton raises numerous questions about this program and if it weren’t for people like him, teamed with the Portland media, the media tools, nobody would ever know there was a problem. The only ‘problems’ about medical marijuana stem from the idiocy of having any laws against natural healthcare remedies.

This man is a politician, but operating in this way tells me he is working for big pharma; not for the people of this nation and particularly not for Oregonians who have to tolerate his federal presence here. You can’t attack pot without benefiting that morally void pill addiction industry that floods our television channels with embarrassing endless advertisements.

Whose Law is it?

What you have to consider is that the people of Oregon voted for medical marijuana; there is an obvious standing conflict between the state and existing federal law, so the Oregon DA’s and attorney general could and should side with the people and put up every wall

Article source: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/june122011/fake-cops-tk.php