Dude, front me a clinic

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I’ve written about the medical marijuana issue several times, even spoken before the city council on the issue of clinic location. This week’s news that Rebecca DeKeuster of Northeast Patient Group being the target of a lawsuit by her former employer could not have come at a worse time for the proposed Portland clinic.

As usual, timing is everything.

Looking over the initial application with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services for the proposed clinic, you could be initially wowed by the “sunshine and unicorns” factor. There are even budget projections based on the clinics first partial year of operations, dated July of LAST year to June of this year.

It’s easy to see why the state chose them. The application looks good on paper, everything above board and professional. But as we sit here a year later with no clinic open in Cumberland County, the whole “failure to launch” thing just has the nerves a bit frazzled.

Berkeley Patients Group, the initial California facility that helped to start the NPG clinics in Maine, is not without a bit of egg on the face here. Since the whole issue came up, they have been hit with a $6.3 million fine, for taxes on pot sold in California. Suddenly, in the middle of a budget crisis, California decided that medical MJ was taxable.

You see, I know people that are waiting. Dying. They are still forced to buy on the street, and risk jail terms, housing loss, and a slow gradual downward spiral of

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