Don’t dare

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Supporters of legalized marijuana have a serious medical problem they need to address. There’s now scientific evidence that the mere mention of repealing laws against possession and use of pot makes Maine politicians go squishy in the head. In tests conducted by a team of researchers (please note: The preceding phrase is subject to credibility issues with regard to the terms “tests,” “conducted,” and “team of researchers”), normal people, when asked if they favored repealing laws making the drug illegal, all had answers beginning with words like “yes” and “no.” Mostly “yes.” In other words, nearly everyone knows where they stand on that issue, and a clear majority supports ending the war on weed.

Note that I wrote “nearly.” That’s because there’s a small group, primarily composed of what scientists classify as “wimps,” who are incapable of admitting how they feel about unfettering the kind bud from its statutory limitations. Investigators believe this is because they lack two glandular factors called “courage” and “common sense.”

Here, for instance, is what one anonymous subject — identified in research documents by the code name “U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, Democratic candidate for governor” — had his spokeswoman tell reporters last week: “Congressman Michaud continues to have real concerns about the impact of legalization on children and young adults. The congressman and his staff have had a number of meetings with advocates, and he continues to evaluate information on legalization.”

Another person interviewed for this study — code named “Eliot Cutler, independent gubernatorial

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