Donny Christen to take his stand again on marijuana at Skowhegan …

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SKOWHEGAN — Veteran marijuana advocate Donny Christen doesn’t get around as well as he did 28 years ago when he held the first Patriot’s Day smoke-in on the Somerset County Courthouse steps.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has slowed him down physically, he said, but it has not diminished his fervor in fighting for the full freedom of pot access — medical and recreational.

Donnie Christen poses for a portrait Friday in front of the Somerset County Courthouse in Skowhegan while holding an ounce of marijuana.


As it has been for years, the rally is set for “high noon” Monday outside the courthouse in Skowhegan, at the corner of High and Court streets.

“We want people to be free and treat this just like any other vegetable or crop that’s grown,” Christen, 64, said Friday.

Police Chief David Bucknam said the Skowhegan Police Department is aware of the event and will be monitoring it.

“We will address any complaints that may arise, and if our presence is needed, we will respond,” he said.

Christen said some of the rules on marijuana use and distribution have changed and are continuing to change, but more rules are just more rules, and he’s against it.

Does Christen support legislation that may be heading to the governor’s desk soon after approval in the Maine House and Senate?

“Hell no,” Christen said. “They don’t know what they’re doing down there. It’s like the blind leading the blind, and they don’t

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