Information about medical marijuana doctors in the state of Maine and where to find them.

To Doctors:

The legitimacy of marijuana as a prescription has been in question for the last half a century by the majority of medical professionals.  What modern medical practitioners have been overlooking is the history that this plant has as an effective medication for a number of chronic conditions.  In the current climate of modern medicine, marijuana has a long standing negative connotation with most health care practitioners.  They place their trust in the products of large pharmaceutical companies, products that often have unwanted dangerous side effects.

As marijuana laws and public sentiment are relaxing nation wide, health care professionals have been afforded an opportunity to treat the conditions of patients in need with an alternative medication that is every bit as effective but costs much less.  The lack of research as to marijuana’s effectiveness has been one of the arguments against its use as a prescription drug but in fact a number of studies have been done over the years that confirm its performance. A Compilation of Medical Marijuana Research has been published that health care professionals can reference to help understand that this is in fact a legitimate medication.

Doctors interested in receiving more information on the uses of medical marijuana or who are interested in establishing themselves as a medical marijuana advocate click here to email us your questions or comments. The people of Maine thank you for your continued compassion.