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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — In 1999, Maine became one of the first states in the country to legalize the medical use of marijuana, but for more than a decade there was no system in place for patients to obtain it. In November of 2009, voters approved another statewide referendum, this time establishing the framework to create eight medical marijuana dispensaries. After months of work crafting the regulations, selecting the winning applicants, and building the infrastructure from the ground up, the state’s first dispensary opened in the spring of 2011. Now all eight are up and running, but many Mainers still do not understand what they are and what they do.

“There is no cookie cutter approach,” Patricia Rosi, the CEO of Wellness Connection of Maine explained about the process of starting a dispensary from scratch. “So, Maine designed a very unique set of rules for medical marijuana, they are very different than the other states, and from this unfolds a very different approach to running a dispensary within these rules.”

She says they faced many logistical challenges before they could open their doors. They were required to meet a set of stringent regulations imposed by the state. They had to grow enough medical marijuana to supply their four dispensaries. Even finding communities willing to accept them, and landlords willing to rent to

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