Discovery of Pesticides in Medical Marijuana has Maine Patients Concerned

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State regulators say they found nine pesticides used on medical marijuana plants, and in tinctures and bakers mix sold at Wellness Connection’s dispensaries in Portland, Hallowell, Brewer and Thomaston. There were also problems with lax security and the sale of an illegal product traced back to a large, indoor grow facility in Auburn.

As part of a consent agreement with the state, Wellness Connection is expected to end the practices and notify its 2,500 patients.

So far, Brian Lee says he only knows what he’s read in the papers. He’s received no communication. And he says, as a patient of Wellness Connection’s, he’s angry that the dispensary operator has been allowed to remain in business.

“When we put poison on things that you ingest, it’s foolishness, and they’re slapping us all right in the face and they think we’re ignorant,” he says.

Lee says he got a prescription for medical marijuana after a motorcycle accident that left him with chronic pain. He’s been getting his medicine at Wellness Connection’s Portland dispensary. But he says that will soon come to an end.

“Well, I won’t be going to them,” he says. “If I decide to continue with alternative medicine, I’ll look to somebody else who’s doing it more naturally and not with pesticides. I don’t want poison in my medicine, thank you very much.”

Brian Lee is not the only one reconsidering where he gets his medical marijuana, says Paul McCarrier, a

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