Deputy says man in green shirt fired at him in Belgrade

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AUGUSTA — A defense attorney pressed the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office sergeant on the color of the T-shirt worn by the man firing a gun at him.

Sgt. Jacob Pierce, who fatally shot Roger Bubar, 65, and wounded his son Scott in a standoff 15 months ago in Belgrade, testified Thursday that he saw a man in a green shirt with short cropped hair when the muzzle flashed at him.

Scott Bubar, center, watches his attorneys, Lisa Whittier and Scott Hess, prepare opening remarks Monday at Bubar's trial in Augusta. Bubar is standing trial for his alleged attempted murder of a sheriff's deputy during a shootout on May 19, 2017, in Belgrade.

Scott Bubar, 41, of Brunswick, was in the second day of his trial at the Capital Judicial Center on a charge of attempting to murder Pierce as well as a charge of reckless conduct with a firearm. Scott Bubar’s blood was found on a green T-shirt recovered from that scene, and Bubar still sports a crew-cut style haircut.

Pierce testified that when he knocked on the front door of the trailer at 1003 Oakland Road, he heard male voices, and one of them said, “I will f…ing shoot you. I have a shotgun.”

Pierce read his statement aloud from a transcript of an interview he had with an investigator from the Office of the Maine Attorney General early on the morning after the shooting.

Pierce said he and a second deputy retreated across the road

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