Crackdown could trim thousands of Colorado medical-marijuana plants

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Colorado marijuana plant

A crackdown on Colorado medical marijuana patients could trim the number of marijuana plants being legally grown in the state by tens of thousands, according to new figures from the state health department.

The crackdown focuses on patients authorized to grow more than the standard number of marijuana plants, as many as 99 plants for some. While those patients make up only about 2 percent of the state’s 111,000 registered patients, the patients are authorized to grow more than 85,000 marijuana plants — nearly 12 percent of the total plants that registered medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow.

The state’s new scrutiny of patients with large plant counts comes after an audit last year warned that such patients may be “distributing the excess marijuana to individuals without (medical marijuana) cards.”

But medical marijuana advocates say the crackdown could also have far-reaching impacts on patients who use the higher-than-normal plant counts to create concentrated treatments, which they say help the most serious conditions. And the crackdown could also affect the supply for medical marijuana dispensaries, which are limited in how much marijuana they can grow by the plant counts of the patients who have designated the stores to grow for them.

“Patients have done nothing wrong here,” Teri Robnett, a medical-marijuana advocate and patient who is authorized to grow 24 plants, said last week during a meeting where officials announced

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