Competing Measures To Legalize Marijuana Heading To Maine Voters

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Rob Poindexter

Posted Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 at 5:54 pm.

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There could be two competing measures on the ballot in 2016 to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Maine. One group of supporters released its plan Wednesday in the Hall of Flags.

It’s being billed as a way to help revive the economy in rural Maine. That’s what the group Legalize Maine, who just licensed their Political Action Committee with the state, is calling their efforts to decriminalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Maine.

“Our plan is based off of the right and the idea that marijuana is not a sin. The use of marijuana for medicine or pleasure is not wrong,” said Legalize Maine President Paul McCarrier. “And if we do not take the lead on this, it’ll be taken away from us like our fisheries and our forestry industries have been. And we do not intend to let that happen.”

Under their plan, anyone over 21 could possess up to 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana outside of their home. Any additional marijuana could be kept at their residence and does not count against that 2.5 ounce limit.

Another part of the plan includes taxing marijuana 8%, the same as lodging and prepared foods,

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