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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A new group unveiled its plan for statewide marijuana legalization in Maine Wednesday, meaning there are now two separate groups that hope to put a referendum question on the 2016 ballot.

Legalize Maine held a press conference in Augusta Wednesday to introduce its plan. The group is focused on jobs, and said legalization would bring economic development opportunities to rural areas.Paul McCarrier of Legalize Maine said he is moving forward with his plan after talking with people in other states who have worked with the Marijuana Policy Project.

“We are not interested in being subjugated to MPP or the Washington D.C. policy,” McCarrier said. “These will be competing measures and we will win.”

The Washington D.C. based Marijuana Policy Project has been planning to put a similar referendum question on the ballot. That group put the question to voters in Portland and South Portland, where it passed, and Lewiston where voters rejected it.

“Ideally it makes sense to have one initiative,” said David Boyers of the Marijuana Policy Project. “But if we can’t see eye-to-eye then we will move forward and we hope voters choose the plan that will make marijuana legal and stop punishing adults for using a substance safer than alcohol.”

McCarrier spent four years advocating for medical marijuana. He said his plan won’t hurt patients or caregivers. Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine is waiting for more details about

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