City tells medical marijuana-growing business to leave former school – Courier

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Rockland — Rockland officials have told a medical marijuana caregiver to move his pot-growing operations out of the Lincoln Street Center.

Code Enforcement Officer John Root said Tuesday, Dec. 5, that he and the city attorney met Nov. 30 with Larry Reeves, a medical marijuana caregiver.

The medical marijuana-growing operation has been using space in the former school for nearly two years.

Root said he told Reeves he would try to assist him in finding another location where medical marijuana growing would be permitted. He said that marijuana growing is not a permitted use at the Lincoln Street Center. The center is located adjacent to the McLain School.

The Lincoln Street Center is leased to “artists and makers,” according to its website

Reeves appeared before the Rockland City Council Nov. 6 to defend his operations. He said he disagreed with the city’s contention that he was in violation of the zoning laws of Rockland.

The caregiver said he is concerned about having to move his growing operation in January, saying if it is snowing it could damage the plants. Root said Dec. 5 he would allow Reeves to harvest his current crop before he has to move.

Medical marijuana caregivers are licensed by the state and the caregivers are allowed to grow in their homes. Reeves maintains that state law also extends that permission to space under his control, which he said the leased space is.

Reeves told councilors he grows for five medical marijuana patients. “Most have cancer. Some I give the marijuana to,” he said.


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