Chronic Pain Tops Florida’s Medical Marijuana List

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People are signing up for medical marijuana in Florida in record numbers – about 3,000 new patients a week.

More than 180,000 people have registered in the state to take the drug, as of March 2019.

The NBC6 Investigators found more patients are taking medical marijuana for chronic pain than anything else.

A report, issued by the Physician Certification Pattern Review Panel, shows from January through September of last year – more than 48,000 people were certified to take the drug for pain-related conditions. The second most diagnosed condition in Florida was post-traumatic stress disorder.

It took the NBC6 Investigators months to obtain the information. The Florida Department of Health, the agency that runs the program, first said it couldn’t release the information. A spokesperson said it was “protected” information under the law even though more than 20 medical marijuana states across the country release the information.

“It quite frankly doesn’t make any sense,” Jorge Silva, a medical attorney and professor at Florida International University, told us at the time. “There really is no legitimate reason for the state to withhold this information.”

The information was withheld until the NBC6 Investigators reached out to State Representative Rene Plasencia, R-Titusville, who wrote a medical marijuana bill related to public records. He told us that the Department of Health has a mandate to collect the data and provide it to state legislators annually. After the conversation with Rep. Plasencia, a spokesperson with the Health Department called their initial denial of our

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