Bill to clarify Maine medical marijuana law near enactment

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AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill that clarifies and expands Maine’s medical marijuana law is closer to final enactment.

The Senate’s action Wednesday is being applauded by Jonathan Leavitt, who chairs the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine’s board. Leavitt calls it a victory for medical marijuana patients and caregivers.

The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea says patients won’t be required to register with the state. It bars police and state agencies from seizing marijuana from legally qualified patients, caregivers and dispensaries. If they do seize marijuana from people legally qualified to possess it, they’d be required to return it within seven days of receiving a written request.

The legislation, which faces final House and Senate votes, bars municipalities from adopting medical marijuana regulations that are more stringent than the state’s.

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