As N.H. Weighs Medical Marijuana, Neighboring States Say Programs Working

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New Hampshire is bordered by states all in varying stages of implementing their own medical marijuana programs.

As the Granite State moves forward with its own proposal, we look at those neighboring states to see how their programs compare and what issues they have that we could see here.

We meet Lori and Dave Labreck at the Salmon Falls Café in Lebanon, Maine. We’re here because they’re concerned about security. Both are patients under the state’s medical marijuana program and are able to grow the plant at their southern Maine home. They’ve asked me not to name the town.

“I have suffered from debilitating medical conditions since I was a teenager, with severe migraines with vomiting and nausea, chronic myofascial pain,” says Lori Labreck. “Traditional prescription medications would incapacitate me and I would have to work in pain or take the meds. And I couldn’t do that.”

In addition to being patients, the Labrecks are also what are called caregivers, or individuals who grow their own medicinal marijuana and can sell it to a small number of patients.

Labreck says caregivers give patients a more affordable option, and a more personal approach.

“We have one patient who is bone on bone on his knees. He needs a total knee replacement on both knees.

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