A look inside Greater Cincinnati’s first medical marijuana dispensary

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A traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony at About Wellness Ohio Thursday signaled the arrival of what may be Warren County’s most nontraditional business.

“Welcome to About Wellness Ohio,” said Alyssa Tomlinson, a worker at Greater Cincinnati’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

Inside the dispensary’s sales room, patients with one of 21 qualifying conditions will be able to buy more than just flowering marijuana buds when sales start Tuesday.

“We’re actually pretty lucky, since we’re gonna be the first one opening here in southwest Ohio — we’re gonna have a variety of products,” Mac Amin, who also works at About Wellness Ohio, said. “So not only are we gonna have the flower, the buds, we will have oils, we will have tinctures and we’ll have gummies on the lineup.”

Amin said the dispensary is unique in that it’s owned by pharmacists.

“We want to treat this as a pharmacy. We want to run this as patient care. We don’t have budtenders, we have sales associates,” Amin said. “To me, personally, we don’t sell weed. We sell cannabis. We sell medical marijuana.”

Amin knows some patients will have experience buying marijuana elsewhere, but unlike dispensaries in states where patients can only buy cannabis with cash, About Wellness Ohio offers another option.

“We will accept cash and we will accept debit cards,” Amin said. “So patients don’t have to feel they need to have all this cash on hand.”

Ohio law lets registered patients buy a 90-day supply of marijuana, but Amin prefers starting with a smaller amount to see

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