A budding business in Brownfield

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BROWNFIELD, Maine — Those seeking help in growing and processing medical marijuana plants, or simply looking to purchase some of the medicinal herbs can find both with a local family’s budding business.

Adam and Amy Martinese, both 43, of Fryeburg, Maine, have become what’s known as marijuana “caregivers.”

They grow marijuana, donate plants and will sell you the herb as long as you have a Maine-issued medical marijuana documentation and become their patient.

Maine voters legalized recreational marijuana in January, although the Legislature didn’t allow for retail sales until rules could be developed.

Through their company, Clean Green LLC, the Martinese family hopes to expand their business when the state finalizes its rules for retail sales.

They began three years ago at a rented location in Fryeburg but recently purchased a large barn in Brownfield from Grandy Oats, which makes products like granola.

The Martineses bought the building at 349 Center Conway Road for $200,000.

While there are similar businesses in the Portland area, the Martineses said they want to provide a local product for local people.

Adam said they are “having a blast ‘growing’ the business.”

The couple closed on the building last spring. There were a lot of steps involved, from getting permission from the town to getting insurance.

Growing medical marijuana is also an “extensive” process, said Adam. For example, the grow lights, temperature settings and humidity levels all have to be carefully regulated.

Amy Martinese added that there is time and expense involved in securing the building with state-of-the-art locks, alarms and sensors. There is a generator

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