5 things about medical marijuana in Minnesota

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There are just two manufacturers.

And only patients who have one of 13 severe conditions can qualify.

Actually, those are just a few of the reasons. Here are five more things you may not know about the medical cannabis program.

Access an issue for rural patients

There are eight medical cannabis dispensaries in Minnesota — four of them are in the Twin Cities metro. The other locations are in scattered across the state: in Rochester, St. Cloud, Hibbing and Moorhead.

Patients in the southwest and northwest corners of the state have to drive long distances to get their medication.

A patient in Bemidji would have a roughly two-hour drive to the nearest dispensary in Hibbing. A patient in Mankato would have to drive 85 miles to get to the Rochester facility.

Patients are dropping out in droves

Data from the Minnesota Department of Health shows that more new patients are dropping out of the program than staying in.

Fifty-four percent (more than 3,400) of the patients who enrolled in the program in 2017 did not re-enroll the next year.

Kids can use it – just not at school

About 500 kids under the age of 18 are enrolled in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program. The medications can help treat autism, seizures and Tourette syndrome, among other conditions.

Children are not allowed to take their medical cannabis at school, though. State law prohibits it. Parents must schedule doses accordingly or take their children out of school and administer the drugs off premises.

Finding a medical marijuana doctor can be tough

There are 1,479 health care practitioners

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