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May 19th, 2010


As the movement grows, so will
In the future, this site will be posting comprehensive reviews of different marijuana varieties.
Varieties like Skunk, Northen Lights, Strawberry Cough, Sweet Tooth, Cinderella 99, Kushes, Diesels, various Hazes, Afghanis, and others of note will be discussed.
This will include a specific medical-use analysis, as well as specifics regarding the cultivation needs of each specific type, written by professional growers and contributors here at
Expect a message board for Q n’ A, as well.
Something to think about-
When Maine gets clone “distribution” set up for patients, through dispensaries, there’s one thing you can be sure of: A high percentage of the time, the “stated” genetics labeled on the clones for sale will NOT be genetically correct. See California’s clone market as an example.
Unfortunately, “What Sells” is more important than the right strain for the patient’s health, in far too many cases.
I know of people who be working to insure a supply of legitimate clone stock for med patients in Maine, if given the legal opportunity, so let’s all just hope Maine’s as-yet-unpublished policies makes this possible, for the good of all of Maine’s medical marijuana users.
If not, the alternative will be growing your medication from-seed, and we will discuss that at another time.
Information (knowledge) is power, and this site will be a portal into more than you (might ever) need to know regarding legal, medical marijuana.

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May 10th, 2010


With the advent of legal medical marijuana, there are many questions being asked.
One of the questions that keeps coming up is,
“How do I get my medication, within “The System”?”
There’s several answers: You either buy from a state-approved dispensary, grow your own, assign your card to a Provider/Caregiver (Grower), or buy “black market”…
Not bad choices, but two, growing your own (or) having a provider grow it for you, is clearly superior.
Dispensaries will have a wide selection of cleverly-named, pretty, but mostly mediocre pot.
They mark it up at least 100%, so they are limited in what they can offer without seeming to be a bigger rip-off than most of them already are.
(See Colorado/California for examples – “Non-profit”, my ass… At +$20 a gram, SOMEBODY is getting rich!)
So, you “grow your own”.
Well, it’s not easy, and I can say this from a professional perspective, having been an indoor grower for more than twenty years.
Even with a “green thumb”, it takes years to perfect marijuana growing.
Most people don’t have the time,focus and money (high utilities, costly hydro equipment, etc.) it takes to grow super high quality, indoor herb.
That leaves assigning your card to a caregiver/grower, to get your medication.
In my opinion, if you can’t/don’t want to grow your own, it’s your best option.
Try to get a caregiver with at least five years practical pot growing experience, and by the way, “organic” does NOT by a long-shot, mean better, or “cleaner” marijuana, so don’t insist on “organically” grown marijuana, but do make sure professional-grade nutrients are used, and the marijuana is flushed before harvest, before selecting a caregiver/grower.
This person should also be familiar with various types of marijuana (“strains”) that may be able to help your condition(s)-most growers don’t know anything in this regard-so look for one who does.

To Be Continued.