19-year-old Augusta man found dead in McDonalds bathroom, police say

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Police: 19-year-old’s overdose death highlights growing heroin problem in Maine

Augusta man, who graduated last year from Cony High School, was found dead in McDonald’s bathroom, police say.

By Craig Crosby ccrosby@centralmaine.com
Staff Writer

AUGUSTA — Jordan Ellis couldn’t sleep. Listening to his uncle, the career military man, all of a sudden Ellis had a vision of his future, the one he’d been chasing without ever getting closer. 

Leslie Ellis comforts her daughter, Amber, Wednesday at their Augusta home as they grieve for their son and brother, Jordan Ellis. A 2012 Cony High School graduate, Jordan died last Friday in Augusta from a presumed heroin overdose.

Staff photo by Andy Molloy

2012 senior photo of Jordan Ellis.

Contributed photo

Ellis believed the Army would bring it all within reach. He couldn’t wait to tell his mom and sister.

“Finally we said, ‘You have to get up at 3 tomorrow morning. You have to go to bed,'” his mom, Leslie Ellis, recalled Wednesday. “He came into our room and gave Amber and I both a kiss and said, ‘I love you guys.'”

Less than 24 hours later, 19-year-old Jordan Ellis was dead. He died, police and Leslie Ellis believe, of a heroin overdose. 

“The last text I got at 6:35 p.m. was, ‘I’m on my way home,'” Leslie said. 

Jordan’s final moments were spent inside the bathroom at the Bangor Street

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