11 people to watch in ’11

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While all eyes will be on Paul LePage, Maine’s incoming governor and the first Republican to serve as the state’s chief executive in 16 years, there are many other Mainers — some household names, some who work behind the scenes — that we also expect to make headlines in 2011.

LePage and his new GOP-controlled Legislature undoubtedly will make changes in the way Maine government operates, and Mainers will watch and wait to see what endeavors outgoing Gov. John Baldacci of Bangor will pursue in his first year removed from the Blaine House. U.S. Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will maintain high profiles in the nation’s capital, where the two played critical roles in crafting bipartisan legislation in 2010.

But beyond the halls of government, the new year also will bring changes in how Mainers do business, generate energy, educate their children and use technology to connect to the rest of the world.

Maine’s health care landscape could change as the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries come online in 2011, and debate continues on the issue of patient restraints in psychiatric hospitals. Gambling will take center stage again as a new casino takes its first steps in 2011 while the state’s only existing slots facility looks to expand its offerings.Here are 11 of the newsmakers you’ll be reading about in our pages in 2011.

1. Linda Bean, lobster dealer and heir to L.L. Bean fortune.

As recently as 2007, Linda Bean’s

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