Good morning from Augusta, where legislators are revving up — as much as they ever do — for Monday’s special session. Here’s their soundtrack.

Lawmakers are returning to Augusta ostensibly to fix two problems. They all seem to agree that one, federal objections to Maine’s first-in-the-nation food sovereignty law passed earlier this year, is pressing. There has been disagreement between some legislators, notably Senate President Mike Thibodeau, and Gov. Paul LePage over the urgency of the other — funding a state data agency. But the Senate chairman of the Appropriations Committee has introduced a bill to address LePage’s concerns, and his committee will discuss that proposal today in hopes of having a recommendation for the full Legislature on Monday.

But there will be elephants in the room. And they will not just be Republicans. Perhaps the largest, or most ornery or whatever, is the ranked-choice voting law enacted last year during a statewide referendum. An advisory opinion by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court found the law at odds with the Maine Constitution. Republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree whether to repeal the law or try to fix it. One proposal that has surfaced recently would apply ranked-choice voting to only primaries. Leaving the situation unresolved until the next regular session starts in January pushes Maine closer to chaos and the threat of legal challenges after the June primaries.

And there are

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